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NANO K3 powered reference monitors are 3” studio speakers that deliver legendary JBL sound quality and accuracy for audio production applications. Sold as a master and extension speaker set, NANO K3 monitors feature premium audio performance and Bluetooth functionality. Plus, the speakers also feature a stylish design, making them equally suited for home or project studios and music-education environments.

Like the rest of the NANO K Series, K3 monitors feature JBL’s patented Image Control Waveguide technology—derived from the flagship M2 master reference monitors—which delivers excellent depth and detail across a broad sweet spot. With this level of accuracy and performance, the monitors provide an ideal referencing experience that allows you to make critical decisions about your mix.

Beyond JBL’s renowned sound quality, NANO K3’s Bluetooth functionality allows for referencing mixes through wireless or wired connections. With this flexibility, you can ensure your tracks sound great on all listening devices. The left speaker also includes a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and both monitors feature an M8 threaded nut on the bottom, which allows you to mount your speakers on a standard microphone stand. Plus, NANO K3 monitors can stand straight or up to a 12° backward tilt, providing the freedom to set up your speakers in the perfect referencing position. Altogether, with iconic JBL audio quality, Bluetooth and a sleek, modern form factor, NANO K3 is ideal for any small studio or audio production workspace.

  • Legendary JBL sound quality and accuracy for audio production
  • Image Control Waveguide delivers precise imaging and clarity with a broad sweet spot
  • Optimally positioned tweeter and woofer provides aligned acoustic center and eliminates phasing issues found in other speakers
  • Bluetooth functionality offers wireless streaming from computers, phones or tablets
  • Flexible positioning up to 12° backward tilt allows you to create an ideal referencing experience for your production environment
  • Stylish design with bright orange ring around woofer and music-themed silhouette on rear
  • M8 pinhole (bottom of each speaker) allows for easy mounting on a microphone stand
  • Power switch and volume control on the front panel (left monitor) offer easy control

Legendary JBL Sound

Continuing JBL’s storied history in professional-grade studio speakers, the NANO K3 powered reference monitors deliver premium sound performance for producing, mixing and content creation. Whether you’re an award-winning producer or an emerging content creator, NANO K3 brings exceptional acoustics to any studio or production environment.

Patented Image Control Waveguide

Originally developed for JBL’s flagship M2 master reference monitors, the patented Image Control Waveguide technology delivers precise imaging and detail across a broad sweet spot. With neutral frequency response and excellent clarity, NANO K3 monitors provide the accuracy needed to make critical decisions about your mixes.

Bluetooth Wireless Streaming

Unlike many traditional studio monitors, NANO K3 features built-in Bluetooth functionality. With Bluetooth, audio producers and content creators can reference their mixes through both wired and wireless connections to ensure their tracks sound great on all playback devices.

Sleek, Modern Design

In addition to excellent sound quality, NANO K3 monitors have a premium look that matches their audio performance. The speakers features a stylish enclosure that make a striking statement in any home studio or production workspace.


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